1. Unparalleled Optical Accuracy

Mounted just 20mm from the image sensor, the RF mount provides flexibility for future lens designs and durability.  

2. Precision, Greater Flexibility

Equipped with 5,655 available auto focusing (AF) point positions, the EOS R combines high-speed with precision across a wide AF area for maximum image optimisation.

3. Excellent Low-light Performance

With an ultra-sensitive AF feature combined with an electronic viewfinder (EVF) which can operate in light as dim as EV-6, the EOS R has the power to shoot subjects in dark to achieve excellent low-light performance without the use of flash.  

4. Combining Speed, Durability & Flexibility

Paired with the EOS R’s mirrorless structure, the new RF mount creates a compelling combination of image quality, performance and compact lens design. The larger diameter of the rear element of the RF lenses improves image quality at the corner and outer edges of the frame, while reducing light refraction and enhancing optical performance.

5. Endless Creative Possibilities

Designed for your convenience, the EOS R mount adapters deliver seamless connections between the EOS R camera and EF and EF-S lenses, without compromising on functions. Armed with L series level weather and dust sealing, they are also compatible with EF extenders to extend your camera’s optical reach. Together with the entire arsenal of EF and EF-S lenses, the EOS R system is the imaging system of the future for endless creative possibilities.