Introducing Canon’s all-new iNSPiC series, revolutionising the way you look at photo-printing. Say goodbye to the stereotypical notion of photo-printing as a cumbersome and boring affair, and hello to making photo-printing fun again! Meet the star players of the series:

  • iNSPiC [P]: Lightweight & portable photo printer with smartphone connectivity
  • iNSPiC [S]: Sleek 2-in-1 instant camera & printer featuring 2" selfie mirror and Front-Ring Light 
  • iNSPiC [C]: Fun & easy to use 2-in-1 instant camera & printer 

Whether you’re an innovative hobbyist, family-oriented young parent, or an Instagram-savvy traveller, you’ll be able to find an iNSPiC that speaks to you. Read on to find out more about your perfect iNSPiC fit!

iNSPiC [P]: For The Creative Souls

Multi-functional, mini and mighty, the iNSPiC [P] is Canon’s best-selling Mini Photo Printer with a new name! If you’re into crafts and scrapbooking, the iNSPiC [P] will suit all your creative needs. As a compact mobile printer that uses high quality ZINK™ Photo Paper, you can expect durable, smudge-free photographs with a professional finish from the iNSPiC [P]. Let your creativity take flight by downloading the Canon Mini Print app on your smartphone and express your personality with a variety of stickers, frames and text. Plus, the fun doesn’t end there: Turn your prints into long-lasting, water-resistant stickers to decorate your laptop or journals simply by peeling off the adhesive backing on the ZINK™ Photo Paper. How cool is that?

iNSPiC [S]: For The Sophisticated Globe-trotter

If you love taking selfies, the iNSPiC [S] offers a full suite of features, including a spectacular 2”-diameter selfie mirror with frame lines to help you achieve the perfect composition. A feature unique to the iNSPiC [S], the inbuilt Front-Ring Light (Fill Light) will also allow you to snap gorgeous shots even under unpredictable lighting. The soft glow of this lighting flatters the subject’s skin, enhancing your next Instagram-worthy shot without the hassle of carrying bulky accessories with you while travelling. An 8MP camera and instant printer rolled into one, the iNSPiC [S] is a deluxe alternative to the iNSPiC [C], with its enabled smartphone connection. Frequent travellers will love the functionality of the iNSPiC [S], as you can personalise and print images from your smart device even on-the-go! Downloading the Canon Mini Print app also allows you full control via the remote shooting function, which is handy for picturesque group shots when you’re on vacation. This ultra-slim powerhouse boasts a sleek, minimalist design in 3 classic shades: Rose Gold, Pearl White, Matte Black. It’s the perfect companion for the stylish jet-setter!

iNSPiC [C]: For Good Times With The Fam Bam

Fall in love with the iNSPiC [C], a pocket-sized 2-in-1 device which allows you to shoot and print instantly without a smartphone! Available in bright, trendy colours such as Bumble Bee Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink and Seaside Blue, the iNSPiC [C] makes for an adorable gift for all ages, especially for families who value convenience. Make fond memories of family outings last a lifetime with the iNSPiC [C]. If you’re also looking to kickstart your child’s interest in photography, the lightweight iNSPiC [C] is fuss-free, compact, and simple to use. This makes it easy for your little ones to pick up the fun of snapping and printing photos almost instantaneously! Using the Aspect Ratio Button located on the rear of the camera, switch between 2x2 or 2x3 to personalise your photos into borderless or square prints as you wish! You and your family will have lots of fun adding a warm, cosy touch to your home by decorating it with your favourite prints from the iNSPiC [C]! --- About the Canon INSPIC series

  • Compact, pocket-sized
  • Available in trendy colours
  • Long-lasting and smudge-resistant sticky-back prints
  • ZINK™ Zero Ink Technology
  • Remote shooting with the Canon Mini Print app

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