With working and learning from home becoming part of everyday life in Singapore, it might be time to ensure that your home setup is keeping pace with your needs. Whether printing important documents for safekeeping, worksheets and notes for school, or even photos for scrapbooking or home crafts, having a printer in the home means convenience for everyone. With a wide variety of options for every budget and requirement, Canon can help make printing a fuss-free experience.

But how do you know which printer will work best for you? Here are some features and parameters to consider when deciding on a best-fit printer.


Inkjet or Laser Printer?

The first question anyone will be confronted with when selecting a printer is the choice between an inkjet or laser printer. Functionally, for the end user, the differences are in terms of function, size and cost, and it will come down to how you intend to use your printer.


Generally speaking, a laser printer is better at printing text and documents quickly and effectively than an inkjet printer. However, inkjets are better at printing colour, while still fulfilling your document printing needs. Hence, if you're buying a home printer, chances are you don't need heavy-duty document printing, so an inkjet is typically the better choice. Laser printers on the other hand reign supreme in office settings where the volume of printing is higher.


Looking at an inkjet and laser printer side by side, it will be obvious that a laser printer is larger and bulkier than an inkjet, especially the more compact models. This may be an important factor when it comes to where your printer is to be located, and how much space is available.


Another key difference between inkjet and laser printers is cost. Inkjets are typically priced lower than a laser printer, but on the other hand, the printing cost per page of a toner-based laser printer is usually considerably lower than that of a cartridge-based inkjet printer as inkjet ink costs could add up if you print larger amounts. Striking the right balance is crucial.

Choosing your Printer: Inkjets

If you've decided to go for an inkjet for your print needs, Canon's popular PIXMA series of printers offer you a versatile range of options to ensure PIXMA Perfect prints, no matter what your needs are.

PIXMA E Series: For All-Round Printing