Single-shot fireworks can be launched one after another to form a barrage of fireworks, which makes for attractive photos. Because the fireworks are very bright, be careful of blowout when you shoot them. (Reported by Gensaku Izumiya)

Fireworks photography

EOS 5Ds/ EF11-24mm f/4L USM/ FL: 15mm/ Manual exposure (f/22, 34 sec)/ ISO 50/ WB: 3,150K
Location: Omagari National Japanese Fireworks Competition (2016)

Basics: Hold down your shutter until the bursts have opened
Points to note when photographing a barrage of fireworks
- While shooting, check through the Live View the height at which the fireworks burst as well as the size of the fireworks effect.
- In the case of a wide barrage of fireworks, check the launch width.
- Mount your camera on a tripod, and use a remote switch to take shots.
- Because the fireworks are launched over a wide area, shoot horizontally.
× Fireworks tend to produce smoke, so avoid taking shots when the visibility of the fireworks is affected.

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