On 11 May 2023, Canon announced the PowerShot V10, its latest concept camera. Packing a handy, adjustable stand and noise-cancelling omnidirectional microphone into a compact, pocketable body, it makes a brilliant grab-and-go content creation kit. Read on to find out more about it!


1. It’s an excellent content creation starter kit in a tiny body

Slim and compact at around 63.4 x 90.0 x34.3mm, the PowerShot V10 is just a little bigger than a name card. You might find that its form factor uncannily resembles your portable charger o external hard drive!

At the same time, it packs in several basics necessary for creating high-quality video:

- An integrated stand
- A large-diameter omnidirectional microphone
- A relatively large 1-inch type image sensor that delivers beautiful, clear images even in low light.

Think of it as your new short-form content creation essential: one that you can keep right next to everyday gadgets like your smartphone, earbuds, and portable charger. When it’s time to create, just grab it and get going—it’s a 3-in-1 package, so the most important things you need will be there!

The camera is designed for stable, comfortable one-handed holding and operation during both vertical and horizontal shooting, regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed. The flip-up LCD monitor makes it easy to record yourself—or get creative with high or low shooting angles. Image stabilisation ensures steady footage even when shooting while walking.

Great for: Vlogging and creating on the go.


2. Its integrated stand lets you adjust the shooting angle

The PowerShot V10’s integrated stand unfolds easily to provide support when you need it: no scrambling for random objects to prop it up, unlike with a smartphone or other cameras! The stand can be tilted forwards and backwards, which provides more freedom to find the best angle.

The flip-up monitor lets you check that everything’s in order.

Control the camera remotely with your smartphone through the Camera Connect app.

Great for: Demos, group shots, dance videos, and anything else that requires hands-free shooting.


3. Its large omnidirectional microphone records immersive sound

The unique design of the PowerShot V10 made it possible to incorporate a large omnidirectional microphone within a small body, which was not possible on conventional cameras. This picks up ambient sound from all directions, producing clear audio no matter where the sound source is relative to the camera body. Perfect for cooking instructional videos, band demos, or anything where sound is important and comes from all around!

Omnidirectional microphone

Picks up sound uniformly from all directions.

Unidirectional microphone

Sound collection is biased in one direction.

Wind noise cancelling and noise reduction features ensure sound clarity even when shooting outdoors.

Hear it for yourself:

Great for: Achieving that ASMR effect. Try incorporating it into your creations: unboxing videos, cooking demos, or even your next mukbang (eating show)!


4. It’s unbelievably easy to get good footage

Cleaner images even in dim light

The PowerShot V10 features a 13.1-megapixel1 1-inch type CMOS image sensor that gathers ample light information. This is larger than the sensor on a typical smartphone, and it delivers beautiful details and subtle tonal transitions straight out of the camera. With more light information, footage and images shot in dimly lit places are also clearer with less image noise.

Lovely colours straight out of the camera

Colour technology inherited from Canon’s EOS cameras produces beautiful colours that are pleasing to the eye, including natural skin tones, accurate white balance, lush green landscapes, and beautiful blue skies. There are in-camera functions that let you adjust the colours if you desire. But even if you don’t use them, your footage will look just fine!

1 For videos. Still images: approx. 15.2 effective megapixels.

Easy framing

The camera’s 19mm (full-frame equivalent) wide-angle lens captures just enough background context to set the scene and put a location to your memories. It’s also perfect for recording FOMO-triggering video greetings to send to friends who can’t make it to the gathering!

The angle of view is wide enough to capture 3 people in the frame easily from a comfortable shooting position even without a selfie stick.

Intuitive modes to suit the scene

The manual exposure movie mode is always there for users who want more control over exposure and colour settings. But if you prefer to leave these to the camera, there is the Auto movie mode, which intelligently adjusts colour tone and brightness to suit the shooting scene.

Other recording modes:

- Smooth Skin Movie mode: Conceals blemishes and pores. Great for closeups and beauty demos.
- Movie IS mode: Provides an easy way to control the level of image stabilisation during handheld scenes.

It doesn’t matter how imperfect your skin is in real life: put your best face forward with the Smooth Skin mode! There are 5 different effect levels to choose from, so you can layer on the virtual “airbrushing” as necessary.

Autofocus is also simple. There are just two modes:

- Face Tracking AF: This is the default mode. It automatically finds and focuses on a person’s face.
- Specified frame AF mode: Lets you switch the focus to objects other than your face. Simply tap to place the focusing frame where you want it.

*Images are for illustration purposes only.

Great for: Creating videos with distinctively higher image quality, and getting them ready to show the world asap!


5. It keeps footage well-lit even during huge light/dark transitions

The built-in 3-stop ND filter on the PowerShot V10 reduces light entering the camera so that footage doesn’t become washed out and overexposed especially when shooting in the bright, sunny outdoors. On top of that, it also comes with a new “Auto” setting that turns it on and off automatically depending on the ambient setting. Get well-exposed footage even when recording transitions from indoors to outdoors.

Great for: Travel vlogging; shooting outdoors on sunny days, experimenting with transitions.


6. There are 14 movie colour filters so you can easily colour grade your movies

For those occasions where you want to tweak the colours in your footage to create a certain mood, the PowerShot V10 has 14 different colour filters that cater for different scenes. These include “Tasty Warm” and “Tasty Cool” filters for food and desserts, and various other colour treatments for different indoor and outdoor settings.

Know this: More control over colours is possible with the White Balance and ‘Tinge’ settings

The ‘Tinge’ menu lets you adjust the Blue-Amber and Green-Magenta colour tones in the image.

Great for: Quick and easy basic colour grading, where you use colours to convey atmosphere and elevate your storytelling.


7. You can go “live” with it

With a smartphone and an internet connection, you can use the PowerShot V10 for high-quality Full HD 30p livestreaming to Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Showcase your talents in real time or give your viewers authentic insight into a slice of your life!

Simply pair your phone to the camera wirelessly, open the Camera Connect app, and then set up streaming by following the instructions on your smartphone screen.

You can also use your smartphone to see and respond to comments in real time.

Alternatively, use the PowerShot V10 as a webcam through its plug-and-play USB-C connection, which delivers high-quality audio and Full HD 30p video through UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class) compatibility. Set your desired autofocus mode, colour filters, or colour tones in advance and they will be applied throughout.

Great for: Real-time broadcasting from anywhere in the world. The quality visuals will set you apart. 


8. It takes photos too

The PowerShot V10 is primarily a video camera, but it also shoots 15.2-megapixel still JPEG images. Toggle between the photo and video modes by tapping an icon on the LCD touchscreen.


PowerShot V10: Key specifications



Size (approx.): 63.4 x 90.0 x 34.3mm
Weight (approx.): 211g
Image sensor: 1-inch type CMOS sensor
Recording resolution: 13.1MP (video), 15.2MP (stills)
Maximum recording size: 4K 30p
Angle-of-view (35mm equivalent): 19mm (video), 18mm (stills)
Maximum aperture: f/2.8
LCD screen: 2.0-inch tilt-type
Ports and terminals: HDMI (Type D), external microphone input, Digital terminal (USB-C), tripod socket