If you find photo printing old-school and boring, the Canon Mini Photo Printer is here to change your mind. Think of it as the perfect smartphone companion for mobile printing that allows you to print anywhere, anytime. In fact, the compact and stylish printer fits right into your pocket! Don’t let its fun-sized package fool you — it’s also packed with photo-editing features and fun filters to decorate your prints. We share three ways on how you can get creative with your Canon Mini Photo Printer.

Using the Canon Mini Photo Printer

It’s easy to start printing with the Canon Mini Photo Printer. You only need two things — the Canon Mini Photo Printer and a smartphone with the Canon Mini Print App installed.

It’s easy to print with the app! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the printer and pair your smartphone with the printer
  2. Open the Canon Mini Print app
  3. Tap  on the home screen and select your photo
  4. Edit it with the inbuilt tools
  5. Tap  to start printing

Stickler for Stickers

The printer uses ZINK™ Photo Paper which not only uses Zero Ink® technology but comes with an adhesive backing. Peel the backing sheet off and your print instantly transforms into a sticker! Create a travel diary with stickers made out of the beautiful pictures you took during your vacation. Get matching laptop stickers with your significant other. For pet owners, take a picture of your furry friend and use it to decorate your phone case. Make the most out of your imagination with the range of possible applications.

Dare to be Different

Every photo is a piece of your unique experiences, each one a physical reminder of the memories you have made. Take this to the next level and use it to express your personality! The Canon Mini Print App allows you to edit photos to best represent both you and each moment captured. Having high tea with your best friends? Add some cake stickers to your pictures before printing. Snapped a shot of the beautiful sunrise from your window? Use a filter to make the colours pop. With all these features at your disposal, you can make every print truly your own!

Pint-sized Powerhouse

Did you know that the Canon Mini Print App’s tiling feature allows you to split up a single image into either 4 or 9 prints? Take this function a step further — instead of simply using it to create bigger prints, build your own fully customisable jigsaw puzzle for the kids. It will train their pattern recognition abilities and help improve their motor skills. Have a friend’s birthday coming up? Surprise him or her by crafting a special message that appears once all photo tiles are pieced together. Free yourself from the limitation of being only able to use one sheet of photo paper per picture!