After purchasing a printer, you may find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to purchasing ink cartridges. There have been constant debates on the pros and cons between genuine and third-party ink cartridges. Read on as we explain why genuine Canon ink is the smart choice for your PIXMA printers.

Optimum quality every time

Made to work in perfect harmony with PIXMA printers, genuine Canon ink cartridges produce quality prints 100% of the time. Be it for professional or personal use, you can always expect detailed prints without unsightly lines or streaks. While third-party cartridges may offer high-quality initial prints, they tend to be short-lived with fading or discolouration taking place within months. Preserve important prints with long-lasting and vibrant ink produced by genuine Canon cartridges!

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Print with less stress

Long hours are invested in developing genuine Canon ink cartridges that match specific printers. This means you can rest assured about the compatibility and performance of the ink cartridges purchased. Be free of worrying over cartridges not fitting properly or getting print heads clogged. Not only will genuine cartridges not break, leak or fail, they are also designed to clean and lubricate print heads to prevent the build-up of blockages. Protect your printer from internal damage and have an enjoyable printing experience!

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Incredible value

Instead of merely looking at the cost of a cartridge, you should assess its value for money. Purchasing third-party cartridges increase the risk of incompatible fits which could result in wasted purchases or even internal damages. And that costs a lot more in the long run! Canon cartridges are capable of 35% more prints, which translates into greater value for money as you do not have to replace ink cartridges as often. The next time you’re having a debate, remember this: you may be paying more for genuine ink, but you are also paying more for more prints with better quality, longer-lasting results and increased reliability.

For greater value when purchasing genuine Canon inks, check out the following products we have to offer: High Quality Single Inks – Under Canon’s single ink systems, you have the freedom to replace only individual colours that have run out, making it most beneficial for those who frequently print coloured documents.

XL and XXL Cartridges – These cartridges produce a significantly greater amount of prints than the standard cartridges. You can now print more with a lower cost per page, saving you great amounts in the long run!

Twin or Triple Packs – Made with frequent users in mind, Canon Twin Packs and Triple Packs contain two or three of the same cartridges, offering incredible savings for high volume printers and owners of multiple printers.

Value Packs – Get greater savings and convenience with these value packs of two or more cartridges that are often used together!

Experience high quality and long-lasting prints when you pair your PIXMA printer with genuine Canon inks. Here’s a tip, use a combination of Canon PIXMA printer and Canon consumables for optimum quality and longevity!

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