Whether it's for a wedding dinner, work presentation, or a special date, we all want to look our best. It's so easy to forget about our nails while we're busy picking the right outfit and makeup for the event. Give your nails some attention as you glam up for the occasion without the hassle of getting a professional manicure! Read on to find out how you can personalise and embellish your nails with beautiful and intricate nail stickers without spending a fortune with the Canon Nail Sticker Creator app.

What You'll Need

  1. Canon PIXMA printer that supports nail sticker printing (TS9570, TS8270 or TS707)
  2. Canon NL-101 Printable Nail Stickers
  3. Nail File
  4. Top Coat
  5. Nail Scissors
  6. Download the Canon Nail Sticker Creator app


Step 1: Open the Canon Nail Sticker Creator app and Pick a Design

You’ll be greeted with a variety of specially curated nail sticker designs upon opening the Canon Nail Sticker Creator app. From intricate floral patterns to fancy stained-glass inspired designs, there's a nail art for every look! Besides choosing from the existing designs, you can also create your very own nail design! Be it having your favourite pictures of your pet or having fun with selfies, the possibilities are simply endless!

Step 2: Printing the Nail Stickers

Load the Canon NL-101 Printable Nail Stickers onto the multi-purpose tray. Select “Print” and the app will automatically search for the available printers. Find and tap your printer from the list. Tap “Start” and insert the multi-purpose tray into the printer.

Step 3: Stick ‘em On 

Before applying the nail stickers, make sure your cuticles are clean, and your nails are nicely filed and shaped. Once done, pair each sticker to the right nail and carefully peel and paste each sticker on your nails. The best way to do this is by giving it a light stretch and folding the ends downwards. Repeat this for the rest of your nails. With the stickers on your fingers, buff away the edges and apply a thick layer of top coat to secure the stickers to your nails. Voilà! With over 100 designs to choose from the Canon Nail Sticker Creator App and the ability to create your own designs, you will always have the perfect nail art for every occasion and will never be bored with your nails. --- About the Canon Nail Sticker Creator App The ​Canon Nail Sticker Creator App is a fun and versatile tool to create unique nail stickers just for you. Find out more: http://asia.canon/stickers